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About Me

One-stop solutions

My name is Robert Händler. I help you achieve your company’s business objectives with creative solutions. I’ve been operating in the financial sector for many years now, providing consultation for companies around the globe. As a mediator between the finance and the corporate world I’m familiar with both operating figures as well as sales-related aspects, keeping in mind the bigger, entrepreneurial picture for my customers.

For more than five years, my company has been offering innovative and transnational corporate and sales financing in combination with individual finance and management consulting. I complement the customarily limited offer of your relationship bank with additional liquidity for continuous growth of sales and profits. The result: Businesses can grow without the necessity of equity participations. This is where ABACUS makes a significant difference compared to equity investors: ABACUS provides both long-term support and consulting without demanding any voting rights. Our budget is significantly lower, as well.


I have a much broader portfolio on offer than a regular finance institution. As a specialist in this branch I look back on many years of experience and an excellent partner network. I’m not just interested in your balance sheets, I take into consideration all aspects of your company. All financing is based on actual enterprise values at home and abroad, the last of which are rarely assessed and used as securities by traditional banks due to excessive rules and regulations.

Our Vision

Individual financing on the basis of substantiated requirements planning.

ABACUS Financial Services AG offers high-growth mid-size to large companies structured corporate and sales financing in the form of asset-based finance. The desired financing volume has to amount to at least EUR 5 Million per annum.

High-growth companies require easy and fast access to liquidity. Conventional financing requires sufficient assets and high returns. This in turn involves dependency and increases vulnerability. But what if assets aren’t sufficient for your growth plans, your company operates in a low-margin environment, and no outside partners are to be involved? Your first step: sign a cooperation agreement with ABACUS for a substantiated requirements analysis.

Our portfolio

Your specialized financial backer

As an outsourced „off-balance“ financing platform, ABACUS offers a long-term cooperation plan, providing a number of customized financing services for companies. By outsourcing assets into the ABACUS balance sheet, the equity ratio is improved, leading to higher revenues and returns. One-stop financing options serve one purpose: we facilitate the liquidity necessary for further growth. This enables you to realize your growth plan without selling company shares, preventing new dependencies.

Partner concept for stability

ABACUS is the ideal complementation and partner to your relationship bank. We ensure that your company acquires sufficient additional liquidity on the basis of the available funds. Economies of scale lead to increased turnover and revenues. Financing costs usually are more than compensated. The cooperation with ABACUS will improve your financial key indicators on a long-term basis. Additionally, your company will be more stable in times of economic crises. This secures the long-term stability of your company while you keep sole control over your life’s work.

Your company

Are you an ABACUS partner?

Typical ABACUS cooperation partners are mid-size to large production companies or commercial enterprises. They are privately owned, often family businesses, and they are not listed on the capital markets. Their business model has proven itself over the years, with a strong international focus and growth potential. For continued company growth and to secure your business, you need access to liquid funds at the amount of 5 to 30 million Euro. You probably are fully funded by your relationship bank and you don’t want to include outside equity providers.


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