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About Me

First-hand solutions

I’m Robert Händler and I have been working in the financial sector for many years now. Over the course of my career, I have advised and supported various businesses around the globe, providing them with creative solutions. I value the opportunity to negotiate with customers on an equal footing. I see myself as a product manager who is comfortable with both the world of numbers and the world of business, and who can combine these without losing sight of the bigger picture.

My business offers innovative corporate and sales financing. I help companies grow continuously without having to sell shares. Thanks to my excellent connections and many years of experience as a specialist in this field, I offer a service that goes above and beyond that of your average bank. At the same time, I look beyond financial figures and take a holistic approach to your company and its needs.

Our Vision

Innovative Corporate and Sales Financing

ABACUS Financial Services AG offers fast-growing production companies in the upper mid-sized market structured financing solutions, using an “asset-based finance” approach.

Fast-growing companies need a lot of liquidity. But they also need sufficient equity to obtain liquidity through conventional financing methods. This makes them more vulnerable to crises and increases dependency.

What can you do when you lack sufficient equity to support your growth plans and are unwilling to bring outside partners into the company?

It’s very simple: Sign a cooperative agreement with ABACUS!

ABACUS serves as an outsourced financing platform (off-balance). As part of a long-term cooperation model, it offers interested companies many exciting financial services designed to improve their equity ratio by outsourcing assets to the ABACUS balance sheet.

The sole purpose of one-stop financing options is to provide you with the solvency you need to grow. This enables you to put your growth plans into action without selling parts of your business and forfeiting future profits, or entering into any other dependent relationships.

ABACUS sees itself as an intelligent addition, or even a partner, to your current banks. It provides you with the liquidity you need on the basis of existing assets, which will generate additional sales and income for you – so that even the additional financing costs you incur are more than offset by the increased income. We think it’s a very neat approach!

The cooperative venture with ABACUS improves your key financial figures and your credit rating in the long term, helping to protect you against future crises.

Are you interested?

We will be happy to provide you with a personal needs assessment and advise you on the benefits of a cooperative venture with ABACUS, in keeping with our motto – Expect Solutions.

We look forward to your call!

The cooperation model:

ABACUS offers selected companies a lasting and long-term cooperative venture in the area of innovative corporate and sales financing, and provides you with the liquidity you need for additional growth.

Advantages of ABACUS:

ABACUS cooperates with you on an equal footing, from one business to another. Thanks to our short decision-making paths and absence of lengthy procedures, we can offer you the advantages of having your own bank, including a solution that won’t impact your balance sheet.


If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me